Project and Program Management

Any project that requires more than one task needs to be managed. Linda Lee manages small to large teams through projects that span over various durations. Read more about Linda Lee’s Project and Program Management service below.

Tools and Techniques used:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Plan development
  • Monitoring, controlling, and reporting
  • Closing

Initial Consult

An initial consultation will help Linda Lee determine the extent of your needs and time commitment required for a project or program manager.

Plan Development

Planning is often overlooked as an important phase in preparing for the execution of a project. Linda Lee ensures the right amount of effort is spent in the planning phase, and a solid plan is developed, reviewed, and agreed upon by all stakeholders involved. Risks should be assessed with planned mitigation steps prior to initializing execution, and measurements of success should be outlined, to determine well well the project was implemented.

Monitoring, Controlling, and Reporting

Expectations are always set upfront for how the project will be monitored and reported on. Changes are inevitable, and a control process will be set and agreed upon at the project onset.


Lessons learned throughout a project and/or program are important to review with the stakeholders involved. They will not only help drive process improvement changes for the next project, but will also help teams understand their working styles better. Closing a project or program should also always include a celebration of some sort, to highlight the team’s achievements.

Recent Clients

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