Linda Lee Remba has over a decade of experience in the services outlined below.

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Website Consulting

Your website is the window to your company. Learn more about how Linda Lee can guide you through the steps to determining what your clients need to know, how to capture and deliver it, and how to get your website working for you.

Linda Lee Remba Consulting Inc. - Website Consulting

Project and Program Management Consulting

Linda Lee runs projects and programs of many sizes, through all phases: Initiation, Planning, Monitoring and Controlling, Execution, and Closure. Linda Lee takes a goal-driven and team-building approach to planning and managing your projects and programs.

Linda Lee Remba Consulting Inc. - Projects

Change Management Consulting

Change management is a growing discipline in modern companies. In order for change to occur, individuals need to understand and accept it – and we know that any level of change can be a struggle. Learn how to implement changes in your organization that are accepted and sustained by the impacted people and technologies.

Linda Lee Remba Consulting Inc. - Change Management

Website Development

With almost 20 years experience building websites, Linda Lee knows the in’s and out’s of setting up your website’s back-end structure, and developing a user-friendly client-facing front-end, all while developing your search engine optimization (SEO).

Linda Lee Remba Consulting Inc. - Website Building

Process and Template Improvement

If there’s a process that needs streamlining, Linda Lee can find it. Linda Lee will work with your company’s needs for process analysis, improvement, and creation, while updating or developing templates that will help you succeed.

Linda Lee Remba Consulting Inc. - Processes

Social Media Consulting

Find out what your competitors are doing, how industry best practices can help your social media presence, and plan for content creation that works for your brand.

Linda Lee Remba Consulting Inc. - Social Media
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