Website Consulting

It’s a large task learning how to attract clients to your website, convey relevant information, or provide a reliable service. Linda Lee has over a decade of experience developing websites, and will ensure the right questions are asked to drive your content requirements.

Tools and Techniques used:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Persona Development
  • Structure and Sitemap Development
  • Prioritization Session(s)
  • Content Development Plan

Initial Consult

An initial consultation will help Linda Lee determine what your needs are, what your current website status is, and will also help you get to know Linda Lee’s consulting style is.

Requirements Gathering

Through brainstorming sessions and requirements analysis, Linda Lee will help you determine what structure and content you need to best service your clients.

Persona Development

In order to drive conversion or attract traffic, personas will help you in understanding your audience, and what content they need to see.

Structure and Sitemap Development

This important step of putting together a website structure will guide your content development and keep you organized throughout the process.


Depending on your company’s status (pre-launch, well established, etc.) you will need to prioritize what content to focus on, and when. Content development and website builds take time, and Linda Lee will help you determine what to work on first.

Content Development Plan

Once your requirements are prioritized, it’s time to develop a plan to create content. Creating content can often be a long process, so having a plan to execute the development is important.

Recent Clients

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