Linda Lee Remba Coaching and Consulting - Project Management, Change Management, Business, Strategy, Small Business

Professional Coaching

Professional and personalized coaching services, by the hour, for individuals.

  • Project Managers & PMO Leads
  • Change Managers
  • Management Consultants
  • Small Business Owners

Management Consulting

Professional management consultant services for business transformations.

  • PMO & Governance
  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Methodology Enhancement

Credentials, Courses, and Certifications

About Linda Lee Remba

Linda Lee Remba: Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Writer & Chocolatier

From IT Grad to Business Coach, learn about how I gained the experience to head up two Project Management Offices, play the Business Implementation Lead & Enterprise Change Management Lead roles for one of Canada’s Big 5 FI’s through multiple transformational changes, and how I launched my own chocolate business while doing it.  

Linda Lee Remba Coaching and Consulting - Project Management, Change Management, Business, Strategy, Small Business

Coaching Services

Expert coaching when you need it, available in as little as 1 hour increments.

Project Management Coaching

Hourly coaching for Project Managers, PMO / People Managers, & Enterprise PMO Leads.

Change Management Coaching

Hourly coaching for Change Leaders including change strategy development, training planning, and more.

Management Consultant Coaching

Grow your business through corporation registration setup help, professional website development, and more.

Small Business Coaching

Grow your business through organizational tracking spreadsheets, pricing strategy development, professional website development, and more.

Benefits of Coaching

Benefits you will gain from Linda Lee’s business coaching.

  • Skill Development: Linda Lee’s coaching will help you identify and enhance your skills. I work with individuals to assess your strengths and weaknesses, providing you with guidance on developing key skills such as leadership, communication, risk management, and stakeholder engagement. This targeted skill development can make you more effective in your role.

  • Goal Setting and Career Planning: I will assist you in setting clear, achievable goals and developing a roadmap for your career advancement. By aligning personal and professional objectives, we can create a strategic plan for career progression within their field. This includes identifying potential certifications, skill-building opportunities, and career paths.

  • Confidence and Motivation: Project and change management, as well as being a small business owner or management consultant are all very demanding, and in each, you may encounter challenges that impact your confidence and motivation. I provide support and encouragement, helping you navigate obstacles and build resilience. This boost in confidence can positively impact your ability to lead teams, make decisions, and handle complex initiatives.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making Skills: I will help you refine your decision-making abilities. I’ll work with you to analyze complex situations, weigh potential risks, and make informed choices. Improved decision-making skills can lead to more effective project outcomes, more efficient journeys, and increased confidence in your abilities for both you, and among your peers.

  • Adaptability and Change Management: Adaptability is crucial in today’s dynamic work environments. I will help you develop a mindset that embraces change and uncertainty. We will work together on developing strategies for effective change management, helping you navigate transitions and advance towards your goals.

Consulting Services

Professional Management Consulting from an experienced Business Transformation Consultant.

Corporate Management Consulting

Contract Linda Lee for your business transformation. Strategy, process, change, and project management services.


See what others have to say about Linda Lee’s coaching and management consulting services.

Service: Project Management Coaching

Linda Lee is an incredible coach who played a pivotal role supporting the fine-tune of our PMO consistency transformation strategy.
Her approachable and relatable style of communication made the coaching process not only effective but also enjoyable.

I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to excel in the world of project management.

Carlos Dermith, Dermith Consulting
Service: Management Consultant Coaching

Linda Lee’s expertise in management consulting provided me with invaluable insights on getting started in the most effective manner.

Her help in website design and development were a game-changer. She helped truly capture my goals, culture and brand, creating a dynamic website listing my services and highlighting my experience to attract new and existing clients.

Service: Small Business Coaching

Linda Lee helped design a marketing concept that enabled me to establish myself in other cities around the world as a pop-up osteopath. This fused my desire for travel with my desire for professional work success.

She is skilled at honing in on what it is that will make your business shine and how to go about making that happen.

Candice Nesrallah, Candice Nesrallah Osteopathy