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Engagement Alliance Network

As a member of the boutique consultancy Engagement Alliance Network (EAN), Linda Lee provides customized Project Management Office (PMO) solutions to clients that are tailored to their specific needs.

Read about Linda Lee’s PMO solutions below, visit the EAN website to learn more about the consultancy, or review Linda Lee’s full consulting offer.

Project Management Office (PMO) Solutions

Specializing in Project Management Office (PMO) solutions, I value measurable results and enduring success. Expertly navigating your business through PMO setup, portfolio prioritization, delivery methodology enhancement, core competency definition, governance, reporting, and risk management, I will create a PMO solution for you that is specific to your needs. 

What to Expect

Traditional PMOs and Best Practices

I’ve worked with small companies of 25 people, companies that I’ve seen grow from small to medium, and large international organizations. What I’ve come find is when a “best practice” is deemed worthy by the discipline, many organizations strive to attain it. This, however, can cause a lot spin for businesses. That’s because what you’re trying to do when you adopt an industry best practice, is you’re trying to fit your unique business into a mold.

But you’re unique. You don’t fit into every “industry best” mold that’s ever been created.

I understand that.

Instead of merely applying industry best’s to your business, I will help you drive successful projects by looking at your company as the unique business that it is, and by providing consultative services in an integrated fashion.

My PMO Enablement Process

What Not to Expect

This isn’t your cookie-cutter PMO enablement, that’s for sure.

  • I will not implement a Project Management Office in a silo.

  • I will not believe anyone who tells me that the PMO doesn’t need to know how something works. A Project Manager’s role is to support all activities on a project, and if they don’t understand the activities, you are opening the door to failure. I’m not saying they need to be experts, but if they can’t explain what an activity is, who’s involved, and potential risks in 2-3 sentences, then that’s a gap we need to fill.
  • I will not push Change Management aside. In an integrated implementation such as a PMO enablement, ensuring your stakeholders are on board is pivotal to the success of the initiative. Engaged sponsorship is key, and I will work with you, your business’ leaders, to understand what that entails for you, and support you in executing on it.


Depending on the service requested, hourly rates vary. Please reach out to discuss your business’ need, and I will provide a custom quote.

Factors such as duration and location may impact rates.

Contact me today to discuss your initiative and my availability.