Change Management

Organizations are becoming more aware of the importance of people change management. In order for change to occur, individuals need to understand and accept it – and we know that any level of change can be a struggle.

Linda Lee will help you assess the impact of your change and help you successfully implement it in a well communicated, accepted, and sustained manner.

Tools and Techniques used:

  • Risk assessment(s)
  • Stakeholder and impact analysis
  • Communication and training planning
  • Sustainment planning
  • Assessing readiness

Initial Consult

An initial consultation will help Linda Lee determine the extent of your needs and time commitment required for a change manager.

Risk Assessments

Each stakeholder group involved in the change will need to understand their role and the risk it presents (if any) to their business. Linda Lee will help them assess and determine their risk level, which will guide mitigation steps.

Stakeholder & Impact Analysis

Groups can be directly and indirectly impacted by a change. Linda Lee will walk your teams through a stakeholder and impact analysis to determine who is impact, and to what level.

Communication & Training Planning

Based on the stakeholder and impact analysis, communications and training plans will be developed in order to ensure impacted stakeholders know about, understand, and inevitably accept the change.

Sustainment Planning

The work of a change management group is not done when the project launches. A sustainment plan should be developed to ensure the change sticks, after launching.

Assessing Readiness

Prior to launching, measures should be outlined and assessed to determine if a given impacted stakeholder group is ready to accept the change.

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