About Linda Lee Remba Consulting Inc.

Linda Lee Remba Consulting Inc. has helped numerous businesses and individuals understand and prioritize their needs, develop strategies to launch projects and programs, and helped start-ups from requirements to launch. Through requirements analysis, prioritizing, plan building, and running projects and programs, clients can rest assured that they will remain organized and on track with Linda Lee at the reins.

About Linda Lee Remba

Linda Lee has been working in the project and digital industries for over a decade. In her spare time, you can find Linda Lee traveling, painting, or training; Linda Lee is an active runner, cyclist, and likes to frequent numerous obstacle course races.

Linda Lee also has a double-lionhead rabbit named Emerald Sapphire, born on July 19, 2014. She’s cage-free and has her own Instagram account @emeraldthebunnyrabbit. Feel free to follow along in Emerald’s antics 🙂

On a personal-business side, Linda Lee is working on a project to start-up an energy-food company called Hustle.

Linda Lee Remba, Senior Management Consultant
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