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Individual Coaching Services

Build the Career of a Lifetime

With your own personal coach.

Hourly professional and personalized coaching unlike any other offering on the market.

Benefits of Coaching

Benefits you will gain from Linda Lee’s business coaching.

  • Skill Development: Linda Lee’s coaching will help you identify and enhance your skills. I work with individuals to assess your strengths and weaknesses, providing you with guidance on developing key skills such as leadership, communication, risk management, and stakeholder engagement. This targeted skill development can make you more effective in your role.

  • Goal Setting and Career Planning: I will assist you in setting clear, achievable goals and developing a roadmap for your career advancement. By aligning personal and professional objectives, we can create a strategic plan for career progression within their field. This includes identifying potential certifications, skill-building opportunities, and career paths.

  • Confidence and Motivation: Project and change management, as well as being a small business owner or management consultant are all very demanding, and in each, you may encounter challenges that impact your confidence and motivation. I provide support and encouragement, helping you navigate obstacles and build resilience. This boost in confidence can positively impact your ability to lead teams, make decisions, and handle complex initiatives.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making Skills: I will help you refine your decision-making abilities. I’ll work with you to analyze complex situations, weigh potential risks, and make informed choices. Improved decision-making skills can lead to more effective project outcomes, more efficient journeys, and increased confidence in your abilities for both you, and among your peers.

  • Adaptability and Change Management: Adaptability is crucial in today’s dynamic work environments. I will help you develop a mindset that embraces change and uncertainty. We will work together on developing strategies for effective change management, helping you navigate transitions and advance towards your goals.

Is Coaching for me?

See what it takes, and what kind of commitment you’ll need to make to yourself to reap the rewards and benefits of business coaching.

  • Are you ready to invest in yourself and your growth?

  • Are you ready to stop feeling overworked, tired, burnt out?

  • Do you want to grow your career, but you’re not sure where to start?

  • Are you open to trying new ideas, including ones that may be a little out of your comfort zone?

  • Are you looking for professional guidance from someone who’s been through the same thing as you?

  • Are you ready to start feeling motivated and proud of your accomplishments, and excited for greater levels of success?

Yes! Coaching is for you!

Coaching Services

Linda Lee provides coaching in multiple fields of expertise.
Choose from a la carte options or combine them all; all for one low, hourly rate.

Project Management Coaching

Hourly coaching for Project Managers, PMO / People Managers, & Enterprise PMO Leads.

Change Management Coaching

Hourly coaching for Change Leaders including change strategy development, training planning, and more.

Management Consultant Coaching

Grow your business through corporation registration setup help, professional website development, and more.

Small Business Coaching

Grow your business through organizational tracking spreadsheets, pricing strategy development, professional website development, and more.

What’s Included?

See what’s included in your coaching sessions with Linda Lee.

  • 1 hour coaching calls via WhatsApp, Zoom, over the phone, or in person depending on location.

  • Email support before and after sessions for quick questions and reviews.
  • A handpicked list of resources including recommended edX courses, articles and books to read, certifications to consider, all of which will enhance your career journey and path to increased success.

My Commitment to You

  • I will come prepared. By spending time preparing for our calls, you get the most out of our time together.

  • I will act as your cheerleader; on your side, through the tough and great. I will motivate you and help you clear mental blocks that are stopping you from achieving your goals and seeing your true worth. 

  • I will keep you grounded throughout this journey. Helping you understand the old adage ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ while guiding you towards the level of success you want to achieve.

  • I will continue to advance my knowledge and skills to pass them along to you.

Coaching FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your coaching style?2023-11-15T22:48:06+00:00

I am an intuitive, non-judgmental coach who listens intently with her ears, eyes, heart, and mind.

I understand that you have a need, and moreover, you have chosen to invest in yourself to fulfill that need using my services. Because of this, I put my all into making sure you are set on a path that will help you feel progress.

I will challenge you, but I will support you so that you can live up to those challenges. I will also help keep you accountable to yourself along the way, helping you build discipline in your field, but also while learning to practice gratitude and self-care while you grow in your career.

Who do you typically work with?2023-11-15T22:58:04+00:00

I get asked this one a lot.

Anyone! Anyone who wants to learn more about Project Management, Change Management, running a small business, or being a successful management consultant.

This includes Project Coordinators, Project Managers, PMO Leads, Change Leads, Executives looking to improve their talent management strategies in these areas, Executives who want to revamp their delivery methodologies, and those who are looking to break into any of these fields.

What can I expect during a session?2023-11-15T22:55:02+00:00

Intent listening, industry expert advise, no judgement, support, motivation, tips and tricks, learning new skills, having someone who’s been where you are to talk to, takeaways, action items, and a better understanding of what you came to the session to talk about.

How should I prepare for a session?2023-11-15T22:55:12+00:00

This depends on your goals for that session.

If we’re reviewing an asset or artifact like a deck or document, sharing it in advance along with your goals and objectives will enable me to prepare notes and advice in advance, which will give you more out of your session.

If we’re discussing a topic, the same applies. Email me with as much advanced notice as possible with what you’d like to talk about, and that will give me the time to prepare links, suggestions, and other tools.

What happens after a session?2023-11-17T03:32:06+00:00

After a session, I may have additional information to send you, but the goal is for you to be well prepared to deal with whatever the topic of our conversation was for the day. I may suggest action items or provide you with a checklist to use in addition to other resources. It will vary based on the topic of discussion in the session.

Can I combine coaching topics?2023-11-15T22:55:40+00:00

Yes! Choose one, or do them all – Project, Change, Small Biz, and Management Consulting coaching.

Packages are sold by number of hours, so we can hit upon whichever topics you need to reach your goals.

How do I get the most out of my coaching sessions?2023-11-15T22:55:55+00:00

Come prepared with what you want to discuss, and do research ahead of time. Coaching works best when you have even a slight background in what you’re trying to achieve; even if it’s just an idea. You may find various ways of achieving your goals while you’re researching, and will naturally be pulled towards some over others. We’ll work with what you’re most interested in and conformable with.

Third, and most important of all – be transparent and honest. If we’re discussing topics that you don’t quite understand, or using tools that you’re not very familiar with, be open with me so that we can make the most out of our time together.

This is your journey, and you will get the most out of it if you show up 100% you.

What are the costs, and what types of payment do you accept?2024-01-25T18:17:11+00:00

Packages are sold as groups of hours:

  • 1 Hour Package
  • 1 Month Package: Includes 4, 1h sessions.
  • 2 Month Package: Includes 8, 1h sessions.

Costs vary. I use a sliding scale depending on the coaching requested and your individual circumstances. Please reach out to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

Payments are collected via Interac e-Transfer or PayPal Requests.

Payment must be sent within 15 days of a signed coaching contract.

I’m in! What’s next?2023-11-15T23:00:58+00:00

Great! And congratulations on investing in yourself and putting your trust in me.

  1. Contact me at or use the form on my Contact page. Let me know:
    1. which area you want to focus on (remember you can combine these)
    2. which package you’d like to go with (Hourly for quick work, 1 Month, 2 Month), and
    3. generally what you’re looking to get out of your coaching sessions. I may book a 15 minute call to discuss this with you if needed.
  2. I’ll then send you a coaching contract to review, fill out, sign, and send back to me.
  3. Next I’ll send you a PayPal request for the payment.
  4. We’ll schedule our first call.
  5. You will send me the details & topics you’d like to discuss in the first call in advance, allowing me some time to prep if needed.


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