Great! And congratulations on investing in yourself and putting your trust in me.

  1. Contact me at or use the form on my Contact page. Let me know:
    1. which area you want to focus on (remember you can combine these)
    2. which package you’d like to go with (Hourly for quick work, 1 Month, 2 Month), and
    3. generally what you’re looking to get out of your coaching sessions. I may book a 15 minute call to discuss this with you if needed.
  2. I’ll then send you a coaching contract to review, fill out, sign, and send back to me.
  3. Next I’ll send you a PayPal request for the payment.
  4. We’ll schedule our first call.
  5. You will send me the details & topics you’d like to discuss in the first call in advance, allowing me some time to prep if needed.